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I adore Les Mis

Sebastian Henri Grantaire.

That's a GREAT name!!!!!!

And I adore the genious who wrote this:

In your multitudes
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With squiggly shapes

Are terrible sentinels
Always floating away

Sakumoto drabble

Title: One last call
Pairing: Sakumoto (broken)
Rating: PG
Summary: It's late at night and he need only one thing.
Disclaimer ?): I don't own Arashi or any other character that appears in this story,
nor am I in any way related to then. This is all fiction.


Drabble hereCollapse )


Rambles of an extremely bored person: So... Sakumoto drabble!!! and sinceit's 1 am I'm am more asleep than anything else it's kind of depressing and probably really badly written. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. So, I'm in a sharing mood so I'll tell you I'm planind to write two, yes I said two, chaptered fics which means I probably won't write even one. The first one is in two parts and each part has it's own pairing, one of those pairings is a pairing I've NEVER EVER written before, so I'm nervous. The other one I'm just planning but I'm kind of excited since it's a genre I've NEVER EVER tried before (I'm quite fond of saying NEVER EVER). So all new stuff for me. I'll also try to get a beta. I'll probably post someting on arashirabu asking for one onces I've written more or anything on either fic. That's the end of my sharing <3 If you read it all then thank you for being interesting on ramblings that are getting dangerously closed to being as long as the drabble xD

Thanks for sharing.

I like leaving comments on fics. I mean, I don't always know what to say and more often than not I have to wreck my brain to stear away from all-too-generic Thanks for sharing. Don't get me wrong, you must always, I do mean always, thanks a writer for sharing a fic (which is a part of herself, in a way). But you thanks them at the end of a comment because it is not a comment on itself. If you go around leaving Thanks for sharing comments, comments that only say Thanks for sharing , well, that's just plain rude. You need to leave something with substance. I don't mean long comments reviewing every part of the fics, telling the writer where things worked and where things didn't work. You can do that if you like. But that's not what I mean. When I say substance I mean leaving, even if it's only one sentence, even if it's only one word, leaving your sentiment in a comment. Letting the writer know how their fic made you feel; sharing a piece of your heart in exchange for the piece she just shared with you. Yes, I know, Thanks for sharing is a sentiment. An incredible nice one at that. Thanks (as Nino has tried to teach us) is an incredibly powerful word. You can't say it often enough, but it never comes alone. It comes with a look, it comes with a touch, it comes with a smile. Words are powerful, but they can't work alone. The problem is when we leave a comment words are the only thing the writer sees. So, just with words we need to convey all the emotions they made us feel (and they also used just their words). Thanks for sharing means a lot, but it's meaning can get lost in a see of unfeeling words, cold and distant words. Words that can't rely on anything to pass on their warmth. So I encourage you to say Thanks for sharing but I also encourage you to say why you're thankful. No, I'm not asking for you to make an in-depth analysis of your feelings. I'm asking you to say, to help that feeling of thanks along with some other tiny words, words that say why you're thankful for that particular fic. Did it make you cry? Did it make you laugh? Did it make you fall in love with your favourite paitring all over again? Did it make you love a new pairing you never thought you'd care about? Did it make you want to write you'r own story? Did it ake you happy, not bacause it was a happy story but because it made you feel so much inside?
Maybe it's because it's late; maybe it's because I'm tired. And I know very few people will see this, and, most probably, noone will read it. I also know it makes little sense. I'm tired and don't really want to look over it because I know it won't make sense and I don't want to end up erasing this. I want to post it because even though it doesn't make sense, even though noone will read it (maybe not even me) I want to say it. Because I've realised it makes me extremely happy to find a fic I love, a fic I'll remember and continue to love even if I don't ever read it again. But what makes me even happier is to leave a rambly, long, pretty non-sensical comment letting the writer know how much I loved the fic and to get and answer to my comment, and to know, through those words, that I made a writer happy, even if it was just a small contribution.
So let's all say Thanks for sharing but let's algo give something back to the ones that share with us.

Something I found and really like

One for Sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret never to be told
Eight for a wish
Nine for a kiss
Ten a surprise you should be careful not to miss
Eleven for health
Twelve for wealth
Thirteen beware it's the devil himself.
-English Folk Rhyme

Kisarazu Cat's Eye

I'm watching Kisarazu Cat's Eye for the first time and I must say, it's weird but I really like it! Also, I strongly believe that Bambi and Bussan belong together, even thought I know it'd never ever happen :'( .
Anyway, I've only seen ep 1, so I'll carry on. Maybe, some day, I'll wriite Bussan/Bambi fanfic. They belong together, I'm sure of it!

Untitled fic

Title: It doesn't have one xD
Pairing: Past Sakumoto, Aimiya, Jun/Nino/Aiba friendship (Nino and Jun are best friends)
Rating: PG
Summary: Nino solves problem, but there are some he can't anything about.
Disclaimer ?): I don't own Arashi or any other character that appears in this story,
nor am I in any way related to then. This is all fiction.

A/N: I was going to write a rather longish one-shot, but I got to a point where I felt it needed a stop. So then I think 'Okay, I can make it a series and this will be the prologue.' but I've never written a series and it scares me so I stop here and...well, then I don't know. I'll rely on you, do you think that's the end or it needs more??????? I'm hopeless, anyway, enjoy!! :D


Fic is this way, if you'd please...Collapse )


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it :D
And, remember the A/N at the beggining? What should I do?

Rainbow Exchange

coolohoh and I both took part in the ARASHI RAINBOW exchange that took place some months ago. Unfortunately, and though the dead linde was July 1st, we have received no news from the organiser, nor have we received a rsponse to our email. She decided to post her story written for me, and was kind enough to let me know (It's lovely so read it, please? Winter Wonders) . So here I am following her example. This story was written for lilly0 and I hope she likes it.

name: Cata/qeedivertido
writing for: Lilly/lilly0
prompt used: Sho and Jun... a travel through their relationship, how they turned from Senpai/Jrs to friends to lovers. I would love to read something like that: For Jun Sho had always been his most admired Senpai and Jun is his biggest fan, but one day, out of personal stress, Sho snaps and slaps Jun. How is this going to influence their relationship? (In the end they should be grown-up and together <3)
Something like that. No need for canon references! I’m perfectly fine if it’s only Sakumoto centred. And if it’s too complicated, I would also be okay if you just write them as grown-ups and include this fight
summary: This are just little moments in Jun and Sho’s relationship. But, in the grand scheme of things, those are the only moments that matter. (This can probably be considered a tiny AU because my events of canon are all kinds of messed up and I’m pretty sure I’ve invented things, but it’s not really that important to story, I think)
rating, pairing(s): Sakumoto. PG.
note to recipient: Hi! First things first, I really do hope this is what you wanted, or at least as close to what to wanted as possible. I must admit, it’s my first real Sakumoto but I’ve always wanted to write them, and write something like this, so I was extremely happy for this prompt, and because of that I have to tell you thank you. Really, I had a lot of fun; and I hope you have fun reading it. It probably just scratches the surface of Sakumoto, but I hope it’s enough. Please enjoy this little fic.

The fic!!Collapse )

I really hope everyone likes it!!

Masaki, my (new) brother

Title: Masaki, my (new) brother
Pairing/Group: Sakuraiba (brothers). There’s a small hint at Yama, but you blink and you miss it.
Rating/Warnings: It’s a bit angsty, but still pretty PG.
Summary: This is Sho’s speech. When he was six he got a new brother, you see, but it took him a while to learn to appreciate him. And this is kind of that story. It’s sad, but bear with him, it has a happy ending.
Note: I really, really hope you like it. It took me a while to figure out I should do it, I actually started a few fics before finally doing this one, and I might have deviated slightly from your prompt, but hopefully it’s still good enough. Please enjoy.
Originally written forsyri_chiifor the Sakuraiba Exchange, and beta'd bysyunikiss1990(thank you again :) )


And here's the ficCollapse )
Title: Conversations
Pairing: No name is mentioned so just put in whoever you'd like, but in my head is Sho/Jun
Rating: PG, angsty, at least I attempted.
Disclaimer (?): i don't own Arashi or any other character that appears in this story, nor am I in any way related to then. This is all fiction.
Summary: These are some conversations between [insert Arashi member] and...someone else who may not actually be there.

A/N: I believe this is result of listening to Jason Walker's Echo for two days (and watching the Mystrade video that goes with it <3 ). I really hope it makes some kind of sense. I apologise if it doesn't.


Fic is this way, if you please...Collapse )


A/N 2: Yeah...I don't know. I hope you liked it!